Vaevictis Esports: Case Study on the Failure of Women in Professional Gaming ft. ilysuiteheart



In collaboration with Ilysuiteheart

This video is an examination of Vaevictis Esports and the state of women in professional gaming. Vaevictis Esports is a Russian team that fielding an all-female roster for the LCL 2019 spring split. This is the first time an all-female team competed in the professional league in League of Legends history. However, their inclusion in the professional scene has made a mockery of the entire LCL as well as the idea of women in esports. This video examines why there is little females in professional gaming. Through research and ilysuiteheart’s testimony, we seek understanding on this gender issue.


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  1. SOURCES USED: (The academic journals used are free to download in PDF) (Gender Inequality in Esports Participation: Examining League of Legends) (Stand by Your Man: An Examination of Gender Disparity in League of Legends ) (PROfiles: Se-Yeon "Geguri" Kim | Overwatch League Player Profile) (Women in Esports w/ Sjokz l EUphoria Season 3 Episode 5

    On a final note, All criticisms/opinions are related to Vaevictis as an ORGANIZATION. These should not be taken as attacks on the individual players unless I specifically mentioned their names.

  2. Honestly idc if you're a woman or a man, what matters is you have actual skill in a game. If your all female "pro players" are just supports you should probably maybe not participate in an e-sport.

  3. Shit like this makes it harder for women to wanna put themselves out there and pursue a professional status. Let female pros happen organically… like it's supposed to, otherwise they will be prone to ridicule by default when we have examples like Sirens tarnishing the entire female gaming community.

  4. I can tell you this, I used to be a support player and transitioned into a top laner. When you play support it is a totally different mind you play with than in your own lane or jungle. They should find the best female players in each of their roles and put them in a team together. I also think there can be teams with any amount of men or women in their roaster. I don't understand how there could be any issues if there are rules laid out for male player to not be toxic to the female players. I hate when people see the world in stereotypes or think worst of people just because of a physical trait. I would have expected riot games to have made more room for female teams and banned people for toxic behavior towards women. I guess riot is to lazy to do so.

    I think one way to fix this could be to have a female league tournament and a male tournament. CSGO has do this but the female tours are not sponsored by valve. I don't want to this happen either but it would be cool to have some female representation in gaming.

  5. wtf is this "lack or representation" shit? ive watched basketball my whole life. in all my years of watching the NBA not once have i ever thought 'I wish there was more white people so we can be represented too!'. its an excuse for weak minded people who are more concerned about optics and virtue signalling as opposed to the endeavor itself.

  6. the reason why they keep losing is because they can't hear each other. female gamers, stop trying to look cute by putting your headphones on top of your hair so that you can have whisps of hair frame your face.

  7. The issue is the level of variance in g, women have a taller curve and cluster around the mean more than men. This means that there are few low functioning women, but also few with the 140 to 150 required to compete at the apex level of a serious game like LOL.

  8. So you think to have real sport with gender league and esport without

    Wow seems 100 years ago ppl were smarter… that hard to get that is likely than any physical performance will be worst compared to men? Since you need focus and litteraly move your body ? Like a sport? Like where there are 2 league based on gender?

  9. Never in my life have I ever heard of anyone saying girls are worse gamers. The reason they're less represented is because girls just generally play games less, that simple. Most people wouldn't turn away a good player just because they're a girl, they honestly wouldn't care as long as they pull their weight in the team like anybody does.

  10. You did well in the first half of the video, but the latter part is just stupid…
    Gaming doesn't need representation quotas. And there is no lack of representation.
    There are just way way less female players, its just statisticly normal that taking the top 1000 players out of the milions that play league (and most other games) they wont be female.
    Its a video game, so NO ONE knows the gender of the player unless they state it or make it public. So the "female pressure" is just a non factor while climbing the ranks.
    There is an argument to make for the "sexual tension" of having a female player in a male team, but that is indeed a potencial problem for the team. That wont be fixed by just shaming it as a bad behaviour, that might actually have competitive consequences that obviously need to be adressed in high levels of play.
    There are also some exemples of teams with female players, and some of the League teams had female players on the bench… yes they weren't the main players, but they still made part of the team, lived and trained with them.

  11. First of all everyone gets harassed in league if your bad you being female or not doesn’t matter league is toxic doesn’t give a shit who or what you are.

  12. Interesting video right up until he starts saying that the only reason women suck at everything they do is cuz muh stereotypes and muh gender norms. Women have on average a 50ms higher reaction time than men, that's a huge disadvantage in esports and even sports in general. Also I hate how this guy speaks. "He sounds like he wants to be a local news reporter. VAEVICTUS WAS doing really bad AND THIS IS not good for their all femALE TEAM and blah blah BLAH" speak like a normal person holy fuck

  13. All you need to look at to understand why women aren't prominent in e-sports is the fact that there's a woman's only chess league and the only other chess league has no gender restrictions.

  14. I am a guy yasuo mid
    Or leona support male female I could give a rats ass if you generate damage as my adc you better believe I will set you up for the kills I care more about winning than I do anything else I also found I play better when I am a bit drunk don't ask me why idk XD

  15. Honestly stereotypes no longer play a huge role in my experience it has been primarily interest choices. Studies have show that in egalitarian societies where the pressures on men and women were non existent. Sweden has been an example of this but the male and female dominated jobs grew. Individual choices tend to play a larger role. I’ve been denied jobs due to my gender and it sucks but I just moved on. I’m on an esports basketball team most are men there are like 6 girls but don’t often take it as seriously or if the 6 two take it seriously. They are great. I have kind of a higher voice than many and people thought I was a girl before so I’ve gotten both sides.

  16. There are more men than women in Pro play in almost every game because less women play those videos games not because of a gender stereotype women choose to play what they want to play and how they want to and how much they want to play a game no one is forcing them to play or not play a game so saying that the reason they don’t play Pro is because of discrimination is simply not true and if you claim the way they were treated is proof that they were discriminated against my counter argument would be that if I was a Pro and I was put against a team with that big of a skill gap between us weather they were male or female I would of humiliate them just to show how good we are and how bad they are because this is a competitive tournament not a casual game it’s suppose to be the best against the best this on the other hand was like a cat playing with a mouse so claiming that women don’t play because of discrimination is just false I refuse to believe that grown up women can’t make decisions for themselves on what to play just because someone tells them they suck if people both men and women stopped playing because they were criticized most people wouldn’t continue to play

  17. If females are doing badly because of people stereotyping them why are all the best Chefs male if cooking is considered to be female centric? Healthcare industry is dominated by women yet the best doctors, researchers and scientists are male how do you account for this? Education sector is another example of industry dominated by females yet the most famous and most contributing educators are men. The research you provided is laughably ridiculous even at first glance, so females are not in those top positions including e-sports not because of bigotry or stereotypes but because they are simply not as good as males at performing the same work.

  18. To be honest: if i were a woman, i also wouldn't want to pour my heart and soul into the training to become a professional in a "sport" that is so extremely hateful towards my entire existence. It's no secret that EVERY SINGLE esports community is toxic beyond saving. If you're a male player, 90% of the BAD comments are about your skill level. If you're a female player, 90% of ALL comments are about your body and how they will fuck or rape you. How many people would seriously want to devote themselves to so much abuse, when they can have a much easier life outside of those games.
    There is a reason, why females rarely show that they are female (unless it's on purpose for streaming) online.

    7:16 Oh god, how much riot fucked themselves with those BS rules… I can understand the remark at vega, since intentionally delaying a game is clearly disrespectful. But the situation with ROX is just a fucking joke.

  19. Funny thing is, at least in my experience (I'm a senior in highschool looking to major in engineering) the girls that are still around in the engineering classes are about twice as productive as the guys because they work so much harder xD. It really is kinda ridiculous that these stereotypes about men or women being better at anything outside of legitimate physical activities are still around

  20. If they dont get score ….they not pro …….girls want use sexism as tool for notority …….make big scores ….and peaple will respect them more …..

  21. Blondie loves to complain about what happens to a woman online but doesnt seem to give a shit that it happens to men also. Being a woman isnt special.

  22. Sample size is low, and they draw conclusions with a cum hoc fallacy. There are in general more male players, it's more difficult to find the same amount of highly qualified females. Also men have a better statistical chance to be very good at the needed skills, comparing the average skill levels of the base set of all players (the whole distributions) will give you a very different result than comparing the best in the planet. This has nothing to do with stereotypes, that is just a mathematically flawed argument. The first two studies are not freely downloadable, didn't try the rest, but they seem to commit the same fallacy based on the abstract.

  23. The reason there is no pro female team in esport is for the same reason you don have supero pro woman chess palyer and other competitions like those, its because man are more interested in things and woman are more interested in people. Stereotipes play a smaller role than the general indicators of interest that have been developing for millions of years of evolution.

  24. isn't it better to separate female tournament from male tournament? its actually very good to see girls at diamon 1-2

    they're clearly good players but not as good as challengers. i guess it's better to separate them and male a Female tournament for them

  25. The pro scene should always include the best players, no matter the age gender or anything it should just include the best players no matter what

  26. Wanna know why there are hardly any female pro gamers?because they don't have the skill to play pro and the girls that do play pro are pro because of their skill not gender


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