TSM vs CLG, Game 3 – NA LCS 2015 Summer Playoffs – Final – Team SoloMid vs Counter Logic Gaming


NA LCS 2015 Summer Playoffs – Grand Final: Team SoloMid vs Counter Logic Gaming, Game 3
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Picks & Bans: 5:39 | Game Start:14:11
Interview: 59:12


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  1. Seeing Xmithie jungle Ekko with a sightstone and frozen heart brings a tear to my eye… how things have changed…

  2. Is it wrong for me to think that HotshotGG just got A LOT older? That sore throat of his makes him sound 40-something

  3. I love how Zion starts to casually take off his headphones like, yeah alright, whatever, then freaks out and rushes Xmithie.

  4. ClG deserved and earned that 3-0 tbh. They been practicing and held on throught the bad days and got better. Hopefully they win and maybe we might have a CLG Yasuo skin!

  5. OMG after they win and they hug hotshot, fans cheered "CLG" and these disrespectful rude TSM fans still proceeded to counter with their "TSM" chant…. salty fuckboys, jesus.

  6. Youtube porn, reported.

    52:09 I'm not a fan or something but fuck those who are cheering for TSM there. Rude assholes.
    GG CLG
    GB Three SM

  7. So winners at world's go like this right.
    1) Fnatic (Eu)
    2) TPA (China) (love TPA btw favorite foreign team)
    3) SKT T1 (korea)
    4) Samsung white. (Korea?)

    Na Hasn't won yet. I hope CLG can pull it off. Don't really think it's possible. But ya never know.

  8. my gosh did pobelter rape bjergfag <3
    zion on top of the world with his plays-
    lift good as always
    aphro legend
    and xmithi didn'
    t feed wuhey

  9. why wildturtle still picks kog?? like im not a hater im actually a fan of tsm but damn.. why not vayne or any good adc??

  10. You know I'm not a huge fan of CLG and am always rooting for TSM but they totally deserved this. They kicked ass!

  11. smh YASUO AGAIN why? i dont have a favourite team i more root for the team with the better comp in my opinion. Yasuo is NOT GOOD for lcs good lord that ult takes to much help to get off,what a throw

  12. Something there is wrong in these games, it looks like tsm aint eaven trying. They do something ofc so it doesnt look like they are giving up victory, but it smells fishy about this. Proly some mindgame

  13. Tsm fan here, not fanboy but fan. CLG is stronger than TSM straight up in almost every aspect and this was their split easily. Congrats and happy for them! also lustboy played his worst games I personally have ever seen him play for tsm sadly.. #lustcena  where were u man :'(

  14. Am I the only one who thinks that Bjergsen played Yasuo SOOOOO bad in both games..? I mean.. so many mistakes..

  15. Hm, whole split haven't seen Lustboy getting caught this much.I get it, they have vision, I am not saying it's his fault, but for realz, in those 3 games he did get caught a lot.

  16. Even tho im a TSM fan, im glad to see CLG perform so well. 
    We got kinda raped here, I hope CLG will make NA proud at worlds 🙂


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