Top 10 Turn Based Strategy Games


Despite many games turning to action and excitement, some will always chase after that slow and steady thinking pace. Join as we countdown our picks for the Top 10 Turn Based Strategy Games. Subscribe►► Facebook►► Twitter►► Instagram►►
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For this list, we’ve selected the video games that best use the traditional turn-based strategy format, so things, though not to be confused with turn-based combat of certain RPG’s, those games have lists of their own. And,as always, only one game per series.

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  1. WTF why doesn't anyone add men of war assault squad 2 in or call to arms THEY'RE THE BEST even company of hereos 2 why aren't these games getting any credit instead of them some old ass motherfucking pixel games are getting the credit i must be getting old cause i don't understand this shit

  2. Not a bad list, I agree with most of them, civilization V is awesome. Also there is an old forgotten gem of a turn based strategy game from warhammer 40k series – rites of war . I started a let's play of it, so if anyone wants to join in, you're welcome, I could name you as some of the units.

  3. you love turned based strategy games? try out Wakfu on steam , one of the best rpg mmo turned based game and its free lol.


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