This is how you combine Google Classroom and Meet for remote learning


If you are teaching with Google Classroom, this video is for you!

Let’s take a look at how you can integrate Google Meet with Google Classroom.

This combination provides a simple way for students to join your virtual lesson.

In this video, I will show you how to schedule a live session AND how record the meeting for students who didn’t attend the live session.

Note: Google has given all school and business G Suite accounts access to the premium features of Hangout Meet through July 1, 2020. The ability to record must be ENABLED by your IT admin before you can use it!

Links & Resources:
– Screenshot of my Google Classroom assignment:
– Link to my intro video to Hangouts Meet:
– Ask your IT admin to enable advanced features:

This video is one of many resources I have created to help teachers adjust to the school closures caused by the viral epidemic. Head over to my website, for more teaching ideas and resources!

John R. Sowash is a former HS biology teacher and principal who helps teachers use technology to improve instruction. You can pick up a copy of his book, read his blog, or invite him to come and visit your school.
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  1. Earlier today Google announced two helpful updates for Google Meet:

    🌟 Only meeting creators and calendar owners can mute or remove other participants in a meeting.

    🌟Meeting participants will not be able to re-join nicknamed meetings once the final participant has left.

    These updates solve two big issues when using Google Meet with students.

    Note: These new features must be enabled through the Google Admin console. These updates are rolling out now but will take some time to reach all accounts.

    Full blog post:

  2. I have a query… When i use google meet with my phone everything is fine but when i use google meet with my laptop it doesn't work properly ….means my video seems to be going on in slow motion mode…plz help…its too frustating when i have to present screen… cz my video get stuck or is in slow motion mode

  3. After the recording has been added to the assignment, can I delete the original Meet link so students aren't going into it unnecessarily?

  4. Thank you for Inform. I still have a question. I am sharing the link with all my 7th grade classes on their assignment page. When I tested it out, they can go in now (even with visible toggle switch off). How do I make it not visible to students without me (dont want them meeting unsupervised on this platform) Thanks

  5. Help. When I am in presentation mode in google meet my students can not hear any sound of my video (although I can), I have watched many videos on this and it says I should cast my meeting through google calendar. The problem I am facing is that I don't know how to copy my specific google meet link (the one my students access through google classroom) into google calendar. Google calendar only assigns me a new google meet meeting. Anything you can refer me to help me???

  6. You mentioned re-using the same link all week. Will the meeting be accessible when you as the creator hang up, in which case you would need to monitor periodically, or does it end until you return?

  7. You are an excellent instructor. Thanks for helping learn how to help my students. We are all in this together!

  8. Hi John,
    Great work. Thank You. Can you stop students from embedding the videos into their own equipment?

  9. Thank you for this lesson. Google Meet behaves differently on my school's platform. When I set up a class meeting through Google Meet, and then Record a segment of the class, Meet does not make me the owner of the recording. It makes one of the students the owner, and I have to track down that student and explain to her how to share the recording with her classmates. If, however, I set up the Meet through a Google Calendar appointment, Meet makes me the owner of the recording and I can share it as you show in this video (so far, anyway). I wonder whether you have any idea what might be difference in my system setup?

  10. Can I edit the meeting code? I want to make my own meeting code to make it easir for students to type. Is it possible?

  11. Hello! Many thanks for this video. Just a question, did you create the "Meet Recordings" folder in Google Drive or is it already built in?

  12. If I have muted someone in the meeting, are they able to unmute themselves or do I have to do that for them?

  13. If i mute a person in the meeting can they unmute themselves if they want to talk or do I have to do that for them?

  14. When you are presenting to your students is there a way to continue viewing the students online? When I pull up my presented window, it covers my students….

  15. Hi John. I am attempting my first Google Meet today. I am curious if I can go back and forth between me (during discussion) and then show them the screen on my computer? Everything I've watched so far made it seem like it is one or the other.

  16. Thanks John this is so helpful! We're having privacy concerns – students using the links before the meet to chat without the teacher present. I know Google has changed it so that students can't rejoin the meeting if the teacher is the last to leave, but are scheduled meetings or links they have codes for active before the teacher joins the class? Any insight or tips would be helpful!

  17. Thank you! This was a very helpful and necessary extra layer to my Google Hangout Meet use. I also am now able to record mini videos and upload them easily to just drop greetings to my students during the COVID 19 distance learning.

  18. @John R. Sowash I love your Google tutorials. The best ever, but I have a question. Our school has instructed us to "meet" with our students for Office Hours from 2-3pm M-Th. I have 8 high school Literacy classes. I understand how to set up one and link it to the calendar, but I don't see how I can set up 8 different Google Classrooms. I suppose, optimally, I could set up 2 classes for M, then two for Tuesday and so on. It really doesn't make sense for me with 150 students in 8 different classes, now all online. Any suggestions??

  19. Something that confuses me is that Google Hangouts is a different App from Google Meet (both new to me), but in your videos, you refer to "Hangouts Meet"?

  20. How can students hear videos in a google slide ? I have placed youtube videos in a Google Slide. The students were not able to hear the video. They could see the video.

  21. Can the students use the link to meet at any time or do you have to be in the meeting first in order for them to join?


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