Questions about Kim Jong Un's health intensify | DW News


There are new questions over the health status of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. Reports from the Reuters news agency say medical experts have been sent from China to advise on Kim’s health. Earlier this week, media in South Korea reported that he was recovering after a cardiovascular procedure. But the leader hasn’t been seen in public and speculation of a serious heart condition persists. North Korea is challenging suggestions that their leader is gravely ill.


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  1. It is my personal belief that Kim Jong-Un faked his own death and is now living in the jungles of Africa with Jim Morrison.

  2. Odds are, he faked his own death and escaped to East LA where he got an apartment with some local homies and sippin on some micheladas.

  3. I heard he had evidence against Hillary Clinton.

    There, that should cinch the deal. He'll be dead by the end of the week suicided.

  4. What’s the hardest part of a vegetable to eat? – The wheelchair.

    That's what he deserves after keeping his people starving for decades! Eat your leader!

  5. This is an attention seeking ploy by Kim, nobody's paying attention to him during the pandemic so he disappears to his family retreat in the east of the country and waits for the rumor mill to start.


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