Paradise Bay Gameplay iOS – Starting Out Part 1


Paradise Bay is a brand new entry into the mobile market by game giant KING, the creators of Candy Crush. With similar mechanics to HayDay will it be able to bring in the crowds?

Download here:

Neverending exploration and discovery awaits you in Paradise Bay! Collect long-lost map pieces and travel to exciting new islands where merchant captains offer great deals, unique gifts, and surprises just for you.

Business is booming! Sell your wares at Wesley’s Exports—Wes can always find the right buyer for whatever you’re offering. Need some extra resources? Visit the Market and see what your friends are trading! Chances are, someone has just what you need.

Additional highlights include:
New Islands – Discover the world around you as you travel to Angler Island, Chameleon Cove, Dreadbird’s Fort, and the Isle of the Giving Tree.
New Pets – Grow your menagerie with the Seahorse, Tapir, Orange Monkey, and more!
Introducing Sita – Meet our charming new Shopkeeper!
The Bakery – Fill even more trade requests with delicious, fresh-baked goods!

This update also includes new recipes, crops, boats, and more!

Download the update, and we’ll see you in Paradise Bay!


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  3. Hey Robert, I've been enjoying your new games you have been playing, however i think you should try a game called civbuilder! Ive been having a blast with that game and i think you will enjoy it! Also will you stream again or not?


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