New Suzuki Swift Sport 2019 review – see why it’s the most fun you can have on a budget


This is the all-new Suzuki Swift Sport. This mini hot hatch may have lost some weight and gained a turbocharger since our last visit, but with a price hike thrown in is it still worth considering? Take a look at my latest review to find out.

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  1. You are giving a review of a japan car but not indian car,if u review indian car then indian car lovers follows you

  2. Suzuki's are underrated! However, they should have put in a virtual cockpit to make the interior look more 2020!

  3. Hello mate, i mean u could say low grade plastic instead of cheap.Dont u see u are educating people here!

  4. What about the build quality? In India, Swift,though bestseller, is known as the TIN-CAR all due to its wafer type metal sheet quality.

  5. There’s no need for all them extras, id prefer more power an a better exhaust to hear it. Even still the Abarth 595 is 5-6k dearer an the Up looks rough, id rather have the swift.

  6. Had an 09 Suzuki swift 1.3 ltr… drove it on a fucked gearbox for well over a year, best car I’ve ever had so far, never failed me even with a knackered gearbox

  7. I test drive one of these for 24 hours. They are unbelievably fun to drive. I would have bought one if it wasn't for those horribly narrow seats. As an average sized Australian, my legs sat more on the bolsters than between them, and the side bolsters dug into my back. Those seats were definitely designed for small Japanese people without giving much thought to anyone of even moderate size. I also found my size 13 foot would hit the footrest when using the clutch. I found myself having to adjust how I placed my foot on the clutch pedal. I would have also preferred a digital speed readout in between the dials instead of useless graphical readouts of boost/torque, acceleration/braking, etc. The Australian version has a speedometer which goes from 0-260 so the lines are crammed so close together its hard to easily read your speed at a glance. Finally, I get that it's a small car, but a centre console armrest would have been appreciated. You don't notice it at first but when cruising for any length of time, not being able to rest your arm anywhere gets annoying. Those gripes aside, this is an insanely fun car. I could live without the digital speedo and armrest. I hope in future models they make the seats more comfortable and I'll buy one in a heartbeat!

  8. If this engine really is more expensive to make, it would be by pounds (100's max), not 4,000 more.
    Nothing come as standard (free) your paying over 4k more for the car
    The sales figures for this car are gonna fall off 👋

  9. "Not a commuter tool"? Then what is it, a garage queen show car? Matt really is a dumbass sometimes.


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