Magic: The Gathering – Inside the World's Most Played Trading Card Game | American Obsessions


Wizards, demons and goblins collide in the world’s first trading card game Magic: The Gathering, affectionately dubbed “cardboard crack” by its 10+ million diehard obsessives. From dank, wood-paneled basements to international big money pro tournaments, Magic continues to flourish since its phenomenal debut in 1993.

VICE follows a professional Magic player who dropped out of college for a shot to be number one on the pro circuit, while two brothers wax nostalgic about the spells of old.

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  1. wow, that championship win was uber-lame. there was zero fanfare. i'd'a gotten a costumed creature/ hero-figure to bestow the champ cup to the winner or something in those lines

  2. I have never payed such rapt and emotional attention, to something I give so few fucks about..

  3. Maybe they can give me my money back for fucking pulling Duels off the app stores. Wasted so much money in packs and boosters

  4. I thought MTG was the stupidest thing ever when i was in high school, right up there with all the dumbass yugioh & pokemon stuff… fast forward 10 years & ive spent close to $2k on cardboard 😐

  5. Looking for people to play Paper Magic Commander, 3 and 4 player pods (or even 60 card 1v1s) over webcam or phone cam?

  6. Back when Seventh Edition was a new thing, I worked swing shift at a print shop. Most every night, the entire crew would meet up after work and play multiplayer freeform Magic. There were normally 6-8 of us and we had an absolute blast. Games lasted forever and it was non-stop action. Good times for us crazy night owls and kept us out of trouble, haha.

  7. Im gonna nerd out for sec on the opening scene of the video

    1. Shivan Dragon doesnt have Provoke so it cant force that Sengir Vampire to block it.
    2.The other dude didnt activate any kind of artifact or enchantment to draw that terror.
    3. He didnt pay the mana to even use the Terror that he drew
    4. Just because he killed the Shivan it doesnt end the game.

  8. I watched this like 5 tines by now. Its so well made, just like Mtg is. For me, it‘s really an inspiration to grow as a player.

  9. I just wish vintage wasn't so incredibly fucking expensive. And those "pro players" are probably the reason a lot of people don't wanna play MTG just because of how fucking nerdy they are lmao it's the truth

  10. I am a Platinum Ranked Magic Player. For all those Magic The Gathering haters, you are welcome to delve and view my videos on Magic The Gathering Arena, Witness how intense the battles are. How Pro opponent ends the game in 3 turn, how we won with 1 life. You will holding your grip by sigh of the intensity. It is the best Card Game in the world. Point Finale.

  11. Best game ever made? Well good sir, you may have never heard of little game I know of, it's called tick tack toe.

  12. My friends still refer to it as virgin poker when we play. It's hard not to after all these. When someone see's us asks what we're doing we say "playing virgin poker" like we're 15 again.

  13. Oh crap. Those are worth money? I have cases of them in my closet. I have most of those old ones.

  14. And never was there a perimeter where the panties were more dry than the five mile radius around a Magic tournament.


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