How to install/load ANY OS on Blackberry 10 device (Classic/Z30/Q10/Z10/Q5/LEAP/Passport/Z3)


In this video i show how to load a leaked OS10.3.1.2267 or OS 10.3.1 or 10.3 on your blackberry device.
How to install a leak OS to your blackberry (z10,q10,q5,z30,z3,passport,classic).
I show how to load 10.2.1,10.3, 10.3.1, 10.3.2, 10.3.3 for those of you who would like to upgrade to the latest software from blackberry for your blackberry 10 device. How to load a leaked os on your blackberry. how to load 10.3.1 on blackberry. How to install blackberry OS 10.2.1. how to install blackberry os 10.2.1/10.3 on q10 q5 z10

How to put Blackberry os 10.3.1+ on your Blackberry 10 device
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I am not responsible for loss of data.

Step 1
Backup your BlackBerry 10 device with BlackBerry Link (the autoloader will wipe your device).

***************HERE IS HOW TO BACK UP DEVICE:********************

Step 2 load that software

*Close BlackBerry Link.
*Download autoloader OS.
*Turn off the device.
*Run autoloader.exe (windows Vista 7 and 8 run as admin).
*When “connecting to Bootrom” appears on system connect your BlackBerry 10 to PC & turn the device ON (password may or maynot be required depending if you have a password on device)
*Wait for process to finish and phone to reboot.
*The update will wipe your device, so you can either restore all the info from your backup through BlackBerry Link or just start fresh if you want.

***********************DOWNLOAD LINKS*****************

Blackberry link download for Backup and Restoring DATA:

__________OS 10.3/ 10.3.1 links________
FEB20th 2015 links

Z10 2,3,4 OS
Z30 / Classic OS
Q10/Q5/9983 OS


Passport OS

January 2015 links (old 10.3.1 below)
Blackberry Q10/Q5

BlackBerry Classic

BlackBerry Passport

Blackberry Z10 STL100- 2/3/4


BLACKBERRY Z30 STA 100 – 1-6


OS 10.2.1 LINKS

Blackberry Q10/Q5 ALL VERSIONS

Blackberry Z10 STL100- 2/3/4


BLACKBERRY Z30 STA 100 – 1-6


How to update your BlackBerry 10 with this leaked OS. ie 10.3.1, how to install blackberry 10.3.1, 10.3 blackberry os 10..3, install a leaked os on blackberry q10 z10 q5 z30, how to get OS 10.3.1 or 10.3 on my device.


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  1. It does not work for me
    I have a blackberry passport
    i tried a long time to flash but i failed help me please

  2. hello wanted to buy the blackberry classic soon you can not just update the OS in the setting why so complicated?

  3. @AgentJucey , 1 question:
    is it possible to install the blackberry priv os or any higher os onto a blackberry 10 device?

  4. thanks for your tutorials but the link under the video is not working .. please update the links .. and thank you so much

  5. I cannot install a on my Q20, and I found that someone said "Once on 10.3.2 or higher, you can't go back." God! I just want to remove the Verizon logo from my phone! Anybody help me?

  6. hi there, wanted to load an older OS version on my Q5 (GPS is just not working (rarely working) on the but the kits for the 10.2.1 are no longer available for download from Mega..

  7. plz don't forget, that it is NOT possible to roll back, if you are running 10.3.3 !!!!!!
    BlackBerry closed ALL devices with the "famous" upfate to 10.3.3 !!!!!!
    If you do not have this update and won't have it -DON'T forget to deactivate the auto – update function!
    If you have on of the previous versions and load an autoloader, the auto-update function is allways automatic set to auto-update – the same situation!!!!!
    If you don't shut off immidiatly after restart, your device can auto-update without your notice!
    Par example: if your wlan is ON !!!
    BB told me, that this was because of some security / gouvernment bla bla!
    Of course, they DIDN'T tell the people, what is going on with the last update!

    So beware! if you still like to load previous autoloaders: NEVER run 10.3.3 !!!!!!!

  8. Can anyone tell me if it's possible to use the chips and processors of my keyone to put in a classic? I like my ketone but I loved my classic.

  9. i'm on SQN100-3 with can i rool back to 10.3.1 or 10.2.1 becouse my h key not work after update

  10. Your video, even after almost 4 years, has still been of great help in autoloading a previous version of bb os, and backing up a file that was related to the os version. An almost 3 weeks of rigorous research, but thanks to all you guys who have made life so simple.
    Clockwork Goa!!

  11. Application with OS is closing in three seconds adn phone just restarting without any changes. What i'm doing wrong? ;-;

  12. HI, i finished download the autoloader, but it cannot open in windows 10. The file was the same exe.
    When i clicks open the autoloder, its pops out and closed.

  13. Trying to install 10.3.3 on BB Z3, but there are so many files in crackberry forum, which one to download? please help me


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