HAVING A BLAST ON YASUO! League & Chill | League of Legends


Today we’re on EUNE and we have a bit of fun on Yasuo! Like, Comment & Subscribe! League of Legends Iron to Diamond Yasuo Mid Gameplay.

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HAVING A BLAST ON YASUO! League & Chill | League of Legends

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  1. I actually like the chill vids every now and then. Good to de-tilt and makes me want to level a smurf or EUNE-account too. Even if it's for chilling.
    I usually play alot of normals. I tend not to stick to one champ or role, like you, but obviously my mechanics aren't as good, nor is my item-knowledge. So I do try to stick to only a few pocket picks for ranked and play other stuff in normals.
    TBH I don't mind people play weird stuff in normals, or cheese around a bit, but I do hate it when people are obviously trolling or not trying the least to get a win. That to me is just trolling, even if it's a normal. I expect my teams to always play to win, also in normals.

  2. Try hard in rank, have fun in normals. If you take normals so serious then maybe you should take a break from the game or try ranked

  3. I mostly use normals to learn new champs and practice (so i dont tryhard but rather just try to not do extremely bad :D). When I have an understanding of all champs it will be more of a fun thing
    I dont get people who take normals too serious but at the same time i hate when people go “oh its normals, doesnt matter if we lose, just ff”. Even if we have a good late game team

  4. I play every gamemode as if it's my ranked, but I never flame, only if someone is actually breaking the rules and it's still more friendly than toxic 😀 but ofc, I also play goofy stuff like ap nami aram etc.

  5. Not only do I not mind, I enjoyed the episode more than regular content 🙂
    Don't be afraid to whip those up once in a while, what's fun for us is that you're having fun bro

  6. Yeah I go to normals to practice new champs I wanna pick up so yep play funny stuff that's what it's for is fun and practice in my opinion.

  7. I really enjoy using normals as a "fun" mode, like i play to win but i don't really care if i lose or if people are doing strange/weird builds lol i also like trying/learning new champs in normals rather than the ai tool

  8. Even if you don't believe, normal is even more competitive than rank, why?? because they're a lot of more people that play normals and rank and those people are going all in, playing their normal Garen Support with IE game as a promo, all games in normal are like promo games, normal players take normals seriously, no joke, those game are not chill, they are intense and toxic as F

  9. I thought this video was a lot of fun to watch! It’s refreshing to watch casual fun gameplay now and then. When a streamer takes the game to seriously it inspires viewers to take the game to seriously.

  10. For me, it depends on whether I’m in solo queue or not. If I’m playing by myself, I play like I’m playing ranked games, but if I’m playing with friends, we have a good time.

  11. NICE UPLOAD. – could take this opportunity to play champions you rarely play in your normal series 🙂
    apelios … yummi 😛 hehe

  12. For me normals are for practicing stuff I want to try in ranked but aren't confident enough in myself to play in ranked yet

  13. I enjoy it tbh. Whatever makes you happy and helps you relax Huzz. I enjoy watching you a lot more when you're in a happy mood and having fun rather than tilting and being upset while playing.

  14. As a EUNE player from my experience there are a lot of salty polish players who don't a lot of English on EUNE like from my experience there is at least two in about three games and because of that I now know a lot of "fun" polish.words


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