Game of Thrones: Winter Is Coming Review | You Pay Or You D!e


Game of Thrones: Winter Is Coming is a new officially licensed online strategy browser game/MMO that fans can now play for free. What is it, and is it any good?

Where Is The Game of Thrones MMORPG? :

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  1. Howdy fellow GoT fans, I'm back with another review, spending the time and money so you don't have to. Have a great week everyone!

  2. This is great but i do hope they make a sandbox rts stand alone like Anno series of it not some pay to win style

  3. the only game of thrones game that is sort of okay is the Game of Thrones rpg game from 2010 or 2011. and even that is not good, just sort of good because of lore and setting.
    How can a franchise fuck up over and over again with their games.

  4. This game is garbage – I'm lvl 51 and 20M Power when the developers decided to sponsor other players to destroy the rest of the alliances to force us to spend money to protect the kingdom.

    Suddenly people gor 100.000$ worth of upgrades and QUADRIPLICATED accounts (which the game said is illegal) and killed most ppl on the server.

    Might sound exciting, but it's crap.

    I played it for 2 months.

  5. Thank you for making the video. I should have known before getting too deep into this, it is almost identical to the Final Fantasy, A New Empire, in most aspects. You put a little money and time into it, then more, then it's $100 packs to compete. Same game, different platform and graphics. Why can't they build a GoT to last long-term, guess it's back to PoE . . lol

  6. well this is not what I expected. If They made it like Age of Mythology would so cool but like this it is just like clash of clan and mafia city and other games like them which are boring for me

  7. Ya lost me at Pay to WIN…GARBAGE unless your RICH and ppl will go broke in reality because of the addiction that comes from these garbage games. I have played WOW for 14 yrs and NEVER spent one cent other than subs of 15 buks once a month and the game is AMAZING and never will be beaten in the E-Sports world. Go look at the twitch champs Asmongold is the true KING of WOW.check it out~this suks

  8. Boring……. a waste of time….. and EXPENSIVE IF YOU WANT TO TRY TO DO WELL. But you can't due to several players that started early on… added plenty of money, and basically have the game in the bag. You will be attacked early on and all the time. Losing about 90% of what you built up….. AWFUL!!!!!!!!

  9. I'm still a player of this game. I did never paid any cent and I'm a member of the N°1 alliance of the Kingdom15 in less than a year.

  10. Bro, what game do you recomend to play? Im looking for a good one with good graphics and animations of battles, replay, etc.

  11. This game is not worth a single dollar to invest to. This game is crap! The advertisements are crap as well. The developers of this game will loose money and bankrupt and die unhappy and sorry. Nobody plays this game except retards.

  12. Guys do you want to know how i know about this game

    I was downloading a mp4 conversion video and the Game of thrones winter is coming pop up pictures of hot lewd girls.what a good idea from the advertisers.


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