FULL PASSPORT | Visa pages, Stamps and Memories | Travelling the world with Chinese passport


This video is me showing my passport pages, lately I found out my passport is running out of pages, so lemme show you before I change for a new one.

It’s easy and difficult to fill a Chinese passport, easy because you need visa stickers for 90% of countries that I’m interested in, difficult because for a lot of my fellow Chinese, paid holidays are limited.

This video is not meant to complain about my passport (although I really dislike it), but mainly to share some of my stories in getting visas and troubles at airport. etc.

As you probably know, I live in Belgium and have free movement within Europe, but I’m more interested in the countries outside Europe, that’s why you got to see many stamps and visa pages. I feel unlucky and lucky at the same time, normally to apply in Belgium for visa is not as difficult as in China, although I’ve been unlucky to hold such a useless passport.

I decided to make this vlog because I might think about changing passport in the coming years and probably won’t have another full Chinese passport again. Thanks to this passport and to the fact I have travelled a lot the past years, I realized how meaningless national borders really are!

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  1. Thank you for sharing. I can see you are an avid traveller. You must also be very rich … 😉
    After hearing about your visa issues I feel very privileged to have British Passport. All the best for your future travels.

  2. HAHA, You already visited in south korea~
    I hope you got a great travel time in my homeland.
    Did you get a korean immigration stamp? I've heard south korean stamp has gone recently…

  3. Really nice to see your collection of visas on your passport. Wish you all the best for your future visas also…. regards from Italia

  4. One advantage of having a weak passport is that you can have a lot of visas around the world in your passport haha.


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