Ask China: How can foreigners get Chinese visas?


To find out what foreigners want to know most about China’s immigration policies, CGTN collected questions from people in more than 10 countries as well as our worldwide followers on social media. In this new episode of CGTN’s “Ask China” series, we invited Xie Rong of the Foreigners Administration Bureau of the National Immigration Administration to shed some light on the questions.

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  1. Im looking to obtain a 3 year sex visa. Is it possible to get a discount depending on where I choose to live?

  2. Can I become a Chinese citizen to escape the stupidity and corruption of the west? Also I'm learning mandarin right now.

  3. White from the west should be screen from top to bottom most of them are angel in disguise especially from the United snake and the opium Empire next are the opportunities from other countries having America or UK passports and Christian religion leaders they are all up to no good and don't forget about the United States NGO trying to help and do charity

  4. I wish this video was more in depth :/
    But as racist attacks are increasing in western countries, i see China as a safe investment to move to in the future, hopefully one can get by moving with a bachelor's degree!

  5. Why is CGTN promoting foreigners to come to China? Nobody wanted to go to China 60 years ago apart from some western communists but why do foreigners want to go to China now? China does not need foreigners.

  6. Short tourism visa for less than five days or even medical visa if China offers Good medical treatment at Average prices.Good medical treatment for individuals.china explore such business opportunities by training some staff in Arabic and English.Presently we go west.

  7. Good! But the questions asked at 3:40 was never fully answered instead concealed in another delicate detail, as Mr. Xie Rong answered a "permanent residence permit" would be required which is almost impossible to acquire, else if one have something like a PhD and very specialized skills in accordance with China's need for foreign skills to be eligible. As such, it appears to be almost zero reciprocity from China's side as Chinese citizens can come over to EU start their own company and just start living without any special requirements, maybe am wrong but imho it seems to be doublespeak although it's understandable China can't open its doors to the whole world, but in the case of EU which is an important trade partner am doubtful a moderate average EU citizen without PhD and special skills can just move to China and open his own little green tea shop, yes/no?

  8. China is still a developing country. Even if within 1-2 years time when poverty is gone, most people in China will only earn just enough to live a decent life, probably like 5-10USD a day or something. Its resources is very stretched and land is not much. I think China will only become a moderately prosperous country as the government keeps emphasizing it, the average Chinese citizen will earn about what the average Taiwanese human earns sometime in the longterm future, the Taiwanese don't have much land or resources as well, the Chinese people is highly unlikely to ever welcome foreign people. Foreign poor people or wealthy business people should understand, China is open for business, but when it comes to immigration the Chinese people will want to take a more pragmatic approach. Foreign people have to remember, China became what it is today through working extremely low wages and forcing itself to only 1 child families. The Chinese people would most likely want to have a more moderately prosperous lifestyle in the very close future.


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