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9 Reasons Why 'Game Of Thrones' Season 8 Was A Huge Disappointment

After 8 seasons “Game of Thrones” has come to an end, but a lot of fans are not pleased about it. The final season has been widely criticized, and justly so in our opinion. In this video, we breakdown the main reasons why the show angered so many fans.

Why The Battle Of Winterfell Was Better Than The Battle Of King’s Landing

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22 Details In The ‘Game Of Thrones’ Finale You Might Have Missed


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9 Reasons Why ‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 8 Was A Huge Disappointment

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  1. Can we all pretend this never happen and have a petition to redo the whole season 8 and extend it to 10 seasons!

  2. In current lockdown my friend suggest me to watch got I start to watch and by 2nd season I was fan and call in love with this forget family,food and in 15 days complete 7 season than I come in 8th season the final episode and all of sudden I feel like a chu.. who wasted his 16 days by this think less 8 the season and asked why they made this last season and ruined there 8 years I thing in the name of 7 kinkdom king I give life punishment to his writer, director and all fukers who approved this season.

  3. Are we gon ignore the fact the Night King ain't say One damn word the ENTIRE SERIES!?!? I don't think I ever seen that from like a main villian lolll it made him cool nobody knew wtf he was thinking

  4. Yes, i know about that disappointment, jon snow is bad, and he kill the mother of three dragons for his profit, you know i have so msny arguments against jon snow

  5. I swear by the old gods and the new! That if I win the lottery I would donate 99% of my winnings to finance the remake of Season 8!
    I would pay every actor, every camera man, every make up artist, every sword and armor and helmet made to remake Season 8!
    I would also pay the faceless man to get Dumb and Dumber for their betrayal!

  6. episode 2
    could not get any slower.

    annoyed Why. thought it a Brilliant . most definitely the best ever TV show from start to end.

    you sure you not pissed because it did end.

  7. One year later…and this still stings. They ruined the best tv show that (n)ever was. Even 3 more episodes wouldn't be enough to make Daenerys' descent into madness believable. Heck, even Missandei last word seemed out of character to me. Jon's heritage was only used to drive an edge between him and Dany and even that was not believable considering the way families worked in that universe. Even in the Starks' genealogy you had uncles marrying nieces…marriage between cousins was also completely normal. It would have mattered if they were mother/son or brother/sister. Anything less direct than that and it shouldn't have been the huge problem that they shoved down our throats. And Jamie…I won't even go there. Also, Tyrion sudden lack of braincells was flabbergasting. But the worst was Bran, saying that he couldn't be lord of anything but being pretty kin of becoming king of everything. Considering his abilities (btw, where did he warg himself during the battle at Winterfell?!!! Guess we'll never know), he knew what was going to happen to Kingslanding and did nothing to prevent it. A true vilain's work.

  8. The downfall of the show already started in season 7, but they overlooked it and completely destroyed the series in the final season.
    Remeber the raven that flew to Daenerys and wight walkers who could not cross the lake somehow managed to chain the dragon who drowned in the lake after getting hit by a spear from the Night King.

  9. People can warg into other people. Rewatch it. There are two subtle things everyone missed. Also pay attention to how much everyone's personalities change after the Night King supposedly dies. Bran changed a bit after the raven supposedly dies being a bit of an ass then after the Night King he turns much more in the same Ass direction. As if the NK and Raven are 2 halves of the same thing…..

  10. Also, the Night King circular symbol appearing in the very first episode to when children of the forest created the Night King with the trees being arranged that way to the same design in the cave where Jon mined for dragon glass and again in the first episode of season 8 – never explained or paid off.


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