2018 Suzuki Swift Sport (ENG) – Test Drive and Review


Swift Sport is exciting enough to make you want to drive it to work, and at the same time sufficiently comfortable, so that driving to work would not be unpleasant. The new Suzuki Swift Sport is just like the old one. You start the engine, put it in gear, and there’s an instant smile on your face. Suzuki may have downsized the Swift Sport engine from 1.6 to 1.4 litre, and power increased by just 4 hp to 140, but as a result the new turbocharged Suzuki Swift Sport is much more usable.

Price as tested: 21 500 euro

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  1. Filmed with Panasonic Lumix GH4: https://amzn.to/2CEhUDw
    and DJI Phantom4: https://amzn.to/2CDPidz
    Edited on MacBook Pro: https://amzn.to/2EMKa9E
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  2. my dilemma is whether to get the Swift Sport and upgrade the exhaust and maybe some chip tuning or just get an Fiesta ST … what do you think?

  3. Not as fun as Mazda 2 ?it's a lot better than Mazda 2 , a much quicker and a better car , yeah Mazda 2 could be better than regular swift ,but how can it be more fun than the swift sport ?

  4. I come from Autobahn country. If your car doesn't look like a million horse power you are going to be cut off the whole day 😀

  5. I'm very interested in every detail about Suzuki Swift Sport. So it was very annoying when you talked about your phone sticking out while charging we couldn't see anything in that area and when you mentioned the seats being mounted up high you didn't say if they are adjustable on the hight. So my impression is that you care more about being popular on YouTube and hearing yourself than offering the complete info. 👎

  6. Can someone tell me abut sitting position in this car. Currently I have Yaris 2nd generation (and nobody overtakes me haha ) and I like heightened sitting position ver ymuch. Buch easier to get i than in golf any generation…. IF this swift is similar, I think its my next car 😮

  7. We had Suzuki but sadly they stop selling cars in Canada

  8. Good review!
    I drive the 2017 Swift 1.0 w/ 112 BHP, and must say I get overtaken by a lot of Audis and BMWs (as everyone else, I suppose).
    But, when going out of e.g. a roundabout I do like to floor it in 2nd gear and just watch them disappear in the rear mirror, struggling to get their heavy luxury cars out of the roundabout at a decent speed!
    And oh yes, here in Denmark I see a lot of elderly people drive Suzukis, especially the Ignis and Swift.
    Can't say I'd rather want a Polo or Fiesta over the Swift.

  9. Suzuki isn't even in canada anymore. this car is a total gem. I would get this over the fiesta st if it were cheaper.

  10. what direct competitor of swift sport has 200hp? lol swift is not competing with fiesta st or golf gti, is competing against fiesta st line etc

  11. Can anyone please send me a link for buying those decals on the car from aftermarket….. Thank you in advance

  12. overtaking in a small fast car in eastern europe will almost always end up in somebody underestimating your speed. as a 101 hp opel corsa 1.7 cdti owner (poland assembled excellent engine – 10 years in my ownership now) i had enough close encounters. greetings from RO.

  13. We have the same issue here in Australia. I drive the last generation swift sport and I get aggressively overtaken on the highway as people assume I'm going slower due to its being a small Suzuki when I'm just doing the speed limit like everyone else. Great review!


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