10 STRATEGY GAMES FROM E3 2019 TO LOOK OUT FOR | RTS, TBS, Simulation, Tycoon & More


E3 2019 is over and it brought quite a bit of good news for strategy game fans. From remasters of old games to entirely new announcements, we saw everything from mech combat to deck building to space colony management. Here is my list of 10 new strategy games from E3 2019 that are worth keeping an eye on!

00:31 – Age of Empires 2: Definitive Edition
02:05 – Stronghold: Warlords
03:19 – Evil Genius 2: World Domination
04:43 – Commandos 2: HD Edition
05:27 – Songs of Conquest
06:50 – Planet Zoo
08:36 – Griftlands
10:03 – Starmancer
11:32 – Phantom Brigade
13:25 – Empire of Sin

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  1. This E3 was pretty good, I think! Some titles that I was looking forward to learning more about were missing, but there are some exciting new titles coming, and some old titles getting a facelift. What did you think about E3? Any games in particular catch your eye? Or did you think it wasn't that great of an E3 at all? Let me know!

  2. What's the go with "… Oh it's going to be on epic store" – "unfortunately it's going to be only epic store for a half a year (or whatever it was)"

  3. Tbh all of these look like s**t. Cyberpunk is the only interesting game on the list, the rest I wouldn't buy even on a 50% sale

  4. Wtf Age of Empires, stop with the remakes/remastered. We need AoE4, with a bit more modern empires. WW1, WW2, Vietnam (French & American campaigns), Korean War, Cold War, nuclear age, space age, etc. Naval and air battles would be awesome in a more modern AoE.

  5. I used to play Zoo Tycoon 2 with my mom a lot when I was a child. If it’s anything like that and less like the last ZT release, I’ll be very happy!

  6. TERRIBLE TITLES! this is the best you got??! upgraded 2001 game and a game that looks like despicable me video game. nice

  7. Almost squealed when I saw the Evil Genius 2 spot 😀
    Starmancer looks like a hybrid of Dungeon Keeper and Startopia…
    Empire of Sin seems to be a hybrid of Escape from Paradise City and Gangsters ^^

  8. Thanks for the rundown. I think it would be a good thing for gamers if the new Stronghold game is really good.

  9. Honestly the AoE announcement is really making me question the point of being a fan. How many god damn re-releases are they going to put out. They already made the Forgotten expansion with Skybox, which was said to be a sprucing up of AoE 2, plus five factions and five new campaigns. Then they released two new expansions each with new factions and campaigns as well. How much more stuff are they going to add on? Are they even looking past the next fiscal quarter? Why are they running this old horse into the ground instead of working on AoE 4?

    I would argue that, while it is a historical example AoE2 has some major problems. One being the nature of the quantity faction design; they tend to run together somewhat. Having so many factions, each based on the same tech tree, leads to them tending to run together, and I think it would be better for Microsoft to focus on fewer more highly differentiated factions. Both Age of Mythology and AoE 3 used a more quality design and it made them much more memorable than Aoe2's… gosh, what is it, 30+ factions!?

    That and, well, AoE 2 is aging. It feels like there's only so much you can do with the game's design and it's really coming up to the limit. Microsoft should try to make a new game not endlessly expand an old one. Come on, it's been 20 years!

  10. Finally an actual list with good potential titles. Most of the other review channels harp the same old garbage, I can't fathom how they missed all these good titles.

  11. For me Songs of conquest seems most interesting
    Griftlands, Empire of sin, Stronghold and Age of empire 2 might be decent too 😛

  12. Planet zoo = same company that did JW:Evolution… (also same company that may or may not have ripped off a kickstarter campaign…)

  13. Super happy with everything upcoming. A bit scared that some of it may get watered down.. but my top three pics are Evil Genius 2, Empire of Sin, and Stronghold. But Starmancer and Songs of Conquest also look super cool

  14. Great videos as always PE. I am honestly a bit disappointed about all your comments about the EGS though. Thought that sort of fanboyism was below you.

  15. Song of Conquest looks like it could be interesting, graphics look good as well. Could be perfect since Ubisoft can’t seem to figure out how to properly make a HOMM game with 3 as a perfect template…

  16. Theyre pumping out AoE remakes to test the hype, before they co-ordinate a release date for AoE 4. I got this game, 4k made the game fresh affff! I still remember playing aoe 2 on a W98
    So much nostalgia

  17. it seems that we are experiencing technological regression because every year games look worse in terms of graphics, these companies dont want to invest money in this so they come up with the "art design" excuse.

  18. I just adore the mix of pixel art with modern 3d, Octopath Traveler style, that this Songs of Conquest is going for. It's using pixel art for the Art instead of just nostalgia.


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